Are Credit Card Rewards Worth It? Let’s Do the Math

If you are like many consumers, you know at least a couple of people who have funded luxurious vacations or made other large purchases entirely using credit card rewards. However, there are millions of other consumers who have struggled with high debt balances on credit card accounts. This begs the question of whether trying to […]

How to Calculate the Cost of Medical Procedures

Calculating the cost of medical procedures is a tricky task. Most people typically underestimate out-of-pocket costs after health or dental insurance kicks in, even with common procedures and specialized operations. Of course, there are reasons for this problem. Anything can happen during a procedure. A patient might have bleeding or blood pressure difficulties during or […]

How to Prepare for Your First College Tour

The time has come for you to start touring colleges. Whether you are excited or a little nervous, preparation is essential to having your college tour experience go smoothly. Check out these tips on how to have the best experience possible, and how to know which college is the right one for you. How to […]

4 Tips to Get Into The College of your Dreams

With the increase in students attending college right after high school, admission to the most sought-after schools is growing more competitive. To stand out from the pack and get accepted to the college of your dreams you need to submit an application that makes you the best possible candidate for that school.   Do Your […]

How Teaching Methods Impact a Students Learning Ability

Educating future generations is perhaps one of the most rewarding jobs on the market. Teachers are on the front-line of schools shaping students into dream-chasing, job-seeking, individuals; it’s no shock that they have a creative nature supporting them in providing quality education. Following are some helpful tools that educators at all levels can use to […]

Why Choosing a Good School Early On is Important for Kids

When most people think about choosing the best schools for their children, they mistakenly believe this task begins with college or high school. From the time you meet your baby, you want the best for them and education is probably top of the list. While a student’s secondary and post high education is of great […]

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