Cooking Up Some Good Points About Math In Your Life

Cooking and math go together in an important way in our daily lives.  Why is it that many students will groan when it is time to do their math homework?  When you ask a student what their favorite subject is, most of the time you won’t hear “math”.  Do they not understand how they use […]

Another Angle on How to Calculate and Measure Angles

Angles are all over our world.  Without the knowledge of how to measure and calculate between angles, we would have a difficult time engineering and using them in our everyday lives.  One of the most important shapes in the engineering world is the triangle.  Just the name itself is made up of tri (three) and […]

Have You Heard About the Speed of Sound?

The speed of sound can be hard to grasp for some.  After all, there are other speeds that we are more comfortable with that we use daily.  Just about anyone can judge what rate of speed is in miles per hour, or kilometers per hour.  We see those measurements all of the time driving down the […]

Your Carbon Footprint. Would You Describe It as Bigfoot?

Everyone has a Carbon Footprint.  If you are a consumer of energy that is created by fossil fuels, then there is an attributable amount of CO2 emissions that you have some responsibility for.  Even if you used solar panels on your house, drive an electric car, and think that everything you use is “green”, you are […]

An Energetic Look at Temperature Measurements

When I think of temperature, I usually think of two things.  I think of temperature as it relates to weather and I think of temperature as it relates to my health.  I’m sure I’m not alone in those thoughts.  We look at temperature measurements everyday.  Anytime you turn on the TV or radio to find […]

A Quick Blog About Speed Conversions and Rates

Speed is one of the most common forms of measurement.  Just think about how many times you reference speed in a day.  Just driving, how many times do you think about how fast you are going?  Just like other measurements there are different systems of measurement for speed. First, to understand speed, you need to […]

Don’t Wait to Learn More About Weight Conversion Math.

Weight is one of the most common measurements used in our society.  Weight is commonly used as a measurement of mass.  But, it is also used to measure the gravitational force on an object.  Because of the two uses, it can often become confusing on how it is measured and mistakes can be commonplace when […]

A Short Length Blog About Length and Converting Lengths.

I don’t want to get into a lengthy discussion in a blog about length and converting lengths.  Actually, I apologize for the pun.  Length may seem like a pretty straight-forward measurement, but there have been so many ways that people have measured length through history.  It is common to make mistakes when people don’t reference the same […]

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