5 Activities You Can Do With Your Little Kids To Improve Their Math Skills

5 Activities You Can Do With Your Little Kids To Improve Their Math Skills

When kids get to school, math can be intimidating. However, it doesn’t have to be. If you teach your kids math with counting games or by using everyday objects, they’ll realize just how simple it can be. Plus, when you teach math through activities and games, math becomes fun, which is what all learning should be. Here are some activities to practice counting:

Counting Money

Counting money can be quite a bit of fun for kids, especially if they own a piggy bank. You can teach them how many dollars make one five dollar note, how many five dollar notes make ten dollars and so on. Kids can also learn how many quarters go into a dollar or how many dimes make a dollar. By laying out the coins and paper money for them to see, they’ll learn to count by touching the money and moving the coins and paper money to different sides. The next stage? Ask them how much change you should get back when you buy something.

Slices of Pizza

One of the best ways for kids to learn division is by dividing up slices of pizza. They’ll determine that an entire pizza is one, and when the pizza is cut up into four pieces, each slice is a quarter of the whole. It’s also a fun way to demonstrate division. If they eat two slices, they’ve eaten two out of four pizza slices, which means they’ve eaten half the pizza!

Counting Legos

Counting Legos is a relatively easy way to learn how to multiply. Multiplication can be hard to grasp because the act of multiplying things seems somewhat intangible to kids. However, if your kid makes three Lego piles, and each pile has four Lego pieces, they’ll begin to understand that 3 x 4 essentially means just that. What’s great about Lego blocks is that you can use them for addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Learn by Cooking

Cooking is especially fun. If you teach your kids how to measure out ingredients, they’ll absorb math concepts without even being aware of the fact that they are learning math. For a special treat: bake cookies and let them enjoy the rewards afterward.

Kid’s D&D

This activity can help your child’s math skills and creativity. Introduce a very simple way for them to play and figure out the math for the dice they roll whether that’s for damage or for chances to find some treasure. If playing a D&D session is too difficult, let them play with the dice and do simple math with what they roll on the dice.


Activities to practice counting are plentiful and fun. You can use anything around you to create counting games, multiplication games or division games. Whether its learning math in the kitchen, learning math by counting money or learning math by playing with marbles, there is a myriad of ways you can teach your kids math. The only rule is to make it fun. Turn it into a game, and your kids will be doing math in no time. And after this practice knowing that your children understand mathematical concepts, you can introduce them to online math calculators to help out with their homework.


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5 Activities You Can Do With Your Little Kids To Improve Their Math Skills

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