2012 Review and Resolutions

Well, 2012 is now a wrap. I took some time yesterday to review what I have done, and not done, over the last year. I do have to say that I was fairly pleased. There are a few things I need to improve upon, but it was still a great year. I look forward to making some adjustments for 2013, and I know some of those adjustments are things I want to do, but there will be some adjustments to my life that will be a necessity.

CalcuNATION Is Alive!

What started as a project for me to learn a little about creating a website has now turned into it’s own entity. 2012 was the first full year online for my little math calculator website. It now has over 250 calculators and has evolved from 2,000 visitors/month in January 2012, to around 2,000 visitors/day. When I look back, there were a few positive surprises that really were encouraging. I was approached by a gentleman at a US Army Supply Depot to help calculate how much paint he needed to cover 10,000 advanced combat helmets. The website was mentioned on “Extreme Makeover:Weightloss Edition” for the Harris Benedict Equation Calculator. And I can’t forget all of the random emails I get with calculator ideas that I would have never thought of. Who would have thought that an “Elf on the Shelf” Name Calculator would draw 25,000 visits in one month?

What Now?

I now find myself coming up with new website ideas and creating new website projects on a regular basis. Because I’m a bit of a math/business/tech nerd, creating websites really appeals to me. Because I also get involved with some commercial property events as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, or just helping out, my wife and I decided it was time to start our own LLC. We have recently formed Selwyn Marketing and Media, LLC to move forward with our marketing events and website endeavors. I have started working with local businesses and friends to help them optimize their websites with what I have learned over the last 3 years.

2013 Resolutions

Well, obviously I want to keep moving forward with CalcuNATION.com. It has become more than I could have imagined. I want to see where it will go. Of course, part of that is to blog more. I have been very bad about blogging and keeping up with the social media aspect of a website like this. So, for 2013, I want to blog at least once per week on CalcuNATION. I also want to become more involved with an online community that supports blogging, and math education. I also want to make a point to add at least one new calculator per week on the website.

It’s all up to me. I guess we’ll see how well I perform on these resolutions. It might be easier to keep up with my online resolutions that my other resolutions about getting into shape, or cutting out sweets. Only time will tell. Hopefully, in 365 more days, I’ll be looking back on this blog post with a smile.

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